Higher Education Endorsements

“Just when you feel like the powers that be are too big, too strong, and seemingly insurmountable, a documentary comes along and reminds us that the seeds of subversion are planted everyday by ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Parents of the Revolution embodies the spirit that the future is indeed in our hands, the very same hands that we hold our children, and that if we march together we can change the world.”

Pepi Leistyna
Professor of Applied Linguistics
University of Massachusetts, Boston
Author: Presence of Mind: Education and the Politics of Deception
2007 recipient of the Studs Terkel Award for Media and Journalism for his film Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class;
2013 recipient of the Peace Maker Award

“One of the primary elements of parenting is to provide a moral compass for our children, to help them navigate the world ethically. Parents of the Revolution doesn’t ask children to live up to the values of their parents so much as it asks parents to live up to the natural ethics of their children. Seen through smaller eyes, the urgency of social transformation grows ever larger.”

Michael Kimmel
SUNY Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies
Executive Director, Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities
Department of Sociology
Stony Brook University

“Another stimulating, thought provoking and insightful documentary by Dana Glazer. With Occupy Wall Street as its centerpiece, this documentary explores parent-child relationships and the dynamics of “making revolutions” in our contemporary society – both of which are frustrating and yet gratifying experiences. This is an excellent resource for college professors and high school teachers to provoke challenging discussions about parenting issues and about political activism.”

Dr. Linda Nielsen Professor of Educational and Adolescent Psychology, Wake Forest University

“Educators will find this film an excellent resource for promoting conversations about citizenship, democracy, collective action, and the contentious role of policing social actions and public protests.”

Traci M. Levy, Associate Professor
Political Science Department
Director, Gender Studies Program
Adelphi University

“Dana Glazer has produced a gem of a documentary. Privileging the perspective of children who participated in the OWS movement, “Parents of the Revolution” records how social protest implicates the real lives of real people at all levels. Dana shows how the emotional, political, strategic and even intimate dimensions of collective protest came together to yield an historic movement that was vibrant and exhilarating and in the end, also frustrating. The question–“Will the next generation take up the cause of social justice?”–hangs over this highly successful video.”

Dr. Ivan Evans
Sociology Department
UC San Diego

“Parents of the Revolution is a highly inspirational documentary that superbly captures a moment in time when a new political movement seemed to be taking hold in America. In that way, here is a film of hope that the liberal ideal of the sixties have a chance to be reborn and put into practice. But director Glazer accomplishes much, much more. Parents of the Revolution is a guide to raising children who are intellectually questioning, politically engaged, and empathetic to the needs of future generations. Here is a first-rate, always entertaining battle plan against apathy.”

Professor Brandon Judell
The Simon H. Rifkind Center
City College of New York

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