PPR (Public Performance Rights) Policy and Terms

PPR (Public Performance Rights) for Parents of the Revolution is for educational and non-theatrical projection or playback only at the licensee’s institution. PPR allows Parents of the Revolution to be shown in classrooms and before public audiences within libraries, educational institutions, and community centers. Paid admission is not permitted under this license, nor is the use of the film for any fundraising purposes, without the written consent of Parents of the Revolution, LLC. Purchase of a PPR effectively means a long term license for the life of the DVD delivered. Parents of the Revolution is fully protected by U.S. Copyright laws. PPR does not include or imply rights to rent, loan, sub lease or sub license to others. Parents of the Revolution may not be digitized, altered, transmitted, duplicated or reproduced by any means, without prior, written authorization from Parents of the Revolution, LLC. This license specifically excludes any digital or analog transmission or duplication of the program in whole or in part by broadcast, narrowcast, internet, open-cable, direct broadcast satellite, or other means, or to any off-campus, distance learning, or affiliate site without written permission of Parents of the Revolution, LLC.

For any questions or inquiries please contact info@parentsoftherevolution.com

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